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Invest In Yourself Program

A program specifically designed for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

The sky is the limit on what you can achieve when you truly understand yourself.

You work hard everyday to build your business. 

Your unique knowledge, perspective and skills contribute to the success of those your business supports.  You are not only the key to your success, but to so many other people's successes too! 


When you invest in your success, you will see your efforts reach a greater audience, your energy and stamina improve and your stress go down.


The Birkman explores your unique strengths, your blind spots, what you need to be at your best, what you’re like when you’re stressed out and how to avoid it. 


Invest in your self-development and reap the rewards.

Concrete Results:

Fine-Tune Your Communication



Few careers involve more interactions with people than selling. Successful salespeople are often outstanding psychologists first, reading their potential customer and aligning their approach with their customer’s preferred style. 


With the Birkman you will gain behavioural insight in to how you tick and what makes others tick so that you can best meet your customer’s needs.  How you communicate is just as important as what you communicate.  Learn to leverage your strengths and fine-tune your style when your customer needs it and make the connection you're looking for.

Learn Effective Self-Management Skills:


If you're finding yourself under increasing pressure or can't seem to get in front of your stress, you might have some underlying needs that you aren't meeting. 


The Birkman explores your needs, even some you might not be fully aware of, and gives you concrete ideas about how to meet and manage them.  If you want a how-to guide for being at your best, look no further than the Birkman and a coaching session with Catherine, an experienced leader and solopreneur herself.

Identify Your Ideal (and not Ideal) Sales Targets:


Part of growing your business successfully is finding those clients who will enjoy and appreciate your natural strengths and style.  Learn how to identify behaviourally aligned potential customers and how to pinpoint early on those customers that you will struggle too much to work with.



Behaviourally aligned customers are:

  • the easiest customers for you to work with - they "get" you and you "get" them

  • the simplest customers for you to sell to - your style meets their expectations

  • the customers who will benefit the most from what you do - your service makes so much sense to them

  • the customers who will build up your energy and motivation (instead of draining you) - they benefit hugely from what you do naturally and easily

  • the customers who will most enthusiastically refer people to your business - because they have fully experienced the quality and benefits of your service.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact Catherine and we can create a package that will have you reaching your specific goals.



Catherine is the ultimate HR resource for the small business owner. She has been invaluable in my people management. I love that I can call her whenever I need help. I highly recommend employing her services." -Tanysia Komers


I would highly recommend using the Birkman personality questionnaire in the workplace as it helped our employees work through countless situations..." -Laura Turner

Catherine Olchowy business HR consultant Victoria BC

Catherine Olchowy

An enthusiastic HR strategist with a wealth of experience supporting business owners and the teams they depend upon.  Bring Catherine in to get great at the people part of your business.

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