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Strategic HR

Building a Culture that Works for Your Bottom Line

Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage completely within the control of the entrepreneur

Are you using HR to its maximum potential?


Does your company culture and HR systems:

  • drive profits and efficiency?

  • give you, the leader, confidence and comfort?


Do you know what specific risks you are and are not mitigating with your HR practices?


Do you know what costs you are incurring in the people part of your company?


Most importantly, does your staff understand "how we do things" at your company?  Does that "way" help or hurt your morale, retention and profit line?

Popular HR Packages:

Purposeful Team Building

HR Tune Up


Has it been awhile since you've thought about your HR systems and made sure they are still aligned with your business?


Are you a small team but are in the midst of growth?


It might be time to tune up your HR systems and procedures.

HR Tune Up includes reviewing, updating or creating some or all of:

  • job descriptions

  • employment contracts

  • employee manual

  • HR policies

  • Hiring procedures

  • Review processes

  • Termination procedures

  • Onboarding processes

Boldly can help you develop an HR document toolchest that will meet your current and future HR needs.


Consciously Craft YOUR

Company's Culture


Company culture is not a function of HR, it comes from the top.  And, it always exists, whether you are consciousntiously building it or not.  Does your company's culture make your life easier, your people happier and your profits higher?  Because, it could.


Your company's culture should be what YOU the owner want for your team, how YOU expect things to be done and what YOUR priorities are for your business.  And, when it's done right, it is the single greatest strength of your business, the differentiator that propels your team to greatness.


With Boldly's support, you can have the company you've always dreamt of running.  You can have a culture that is aligned with the values you believe in and facilitates the results you desire without your needing to micro-manage your staff.



Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact Catherine and we can create a package that will have you reaching your specific HR goals.



The Birkman Method® was used as a means to better understand ourselves and our peers, as well as interactions within our teams and the company as a whole... Catherine’s abilities in this area of coaching were invaluable to me as a team member and manager." -Tammy Fowler


I would highly recommend using the Birkman personality questionnaire in the workplace as it helped our employees work through countless situations..." -Laura Turner

Catherine Olchowy business HR consultant Victoria BC

Catherine Olchowy

An enthusiastic HR strategist with a wealth of experience supporting business owners and the teams they depend upon.  Bring Catherine in to get great at the people part of your business.

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