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Coaching and Self-Development

Grow your leaders and they will grow your business

Leadership is all about influence and engendering trust in others.  In order to do these two things well, you have to be able to manage your own needs and stresses so that you are at your best when you interact with others.  You also need to be a skilled and effective communicator able to communicate with all types of different people.


With the deep insights that your leadership team will gain through the Birkman Method®, they will develop successful strategies to:


  • manage their own needs so that they are able to be seen as trustworthy and consistent by those under them  (instead of for example: moody and unpredictable)

  • leverage their strengths to communicate most effectively with many different types of people

  • gain insight into how they can solve their current leadership struggles so that they can inspire your staff to greatness


A specific leadership program can be created that meets your leaders' needs.

Popular Programs:

Leadership Team Development:



Bring your entire leadership team into the conversation through a Birkman group session.  This allows your leaders to take a look at not just their individual strengths and challenges but also the strengths and challenges of your leadership team as a whole. 


Do you have a lot of data-driven individuals who tend to avoid conflict a little too much?  Or, is your leadership layer so action oriented you're wasting too much energy and time on unnecessary fixes after the fact?  Do your leaders prefer to take a lot longer to decide on a path forward than you tend to, creating a lot of unnecessary friction?


Whatever the specifics, the leadership team development process will engage your leaders in what they can do to better leverage their strengths and avoid their missteps, both as individuals and as a team.

Individual Leadership Coaching:



Invest in your leaders by giving them access to their individual Birkman results and the time to really explore what their behaviours and perceptions mean for them as leaders. 


They will learn:

  • self-management tools to better deal with their own stress and triggers

  • insight into where their behaviours could be very confusing to others and what they can do about it

  • practical tips on how to communicate compellingly with a diverse range of people

  • a growth plan of skills and behaviours they can experiment with in order to expand their problem solving strategies

  • as applicable: a safe investigation into this leader's hot-button issues which are impacting their current success in your organization and a plan to address those issues in a behaviourally effective way

Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact Catherine and we can create a package that will have you reaching your specific leadership development goals.



When conflicts arose among any of my reports, Catherine was able to compare individual assessments to help me find areas where adjustments could be made to communication and/or working styles... Catherine’s abilities in this area of coaching were invaluable to me as a manager." -Tammy Fowler


I would highly recommend using the Birkman personality questionnaire in the workplace as it helped our employees work through countless situations..." -Laura Turner

Catherine Olchowy business HR consultant Victoria BC

Catherine Olchowy

An enthusiastic HR strategist with a wealth of experience supporting business owners and the teams they depend upon.  Bring Catherine in to get great at the people part of your business.

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