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Career Fit Program

Don't land just anywhere.  Land somewhere great!

There are too many options and possibilities in the world of things you could be doing with your time, talent and energy.  There are a frustrating riot of maybes and coulds calling on your limited time and energy as you contemplate your next role.


It's exhausting and bewildering until you focus on who you are, what you need, and what you want to spend your time doing.


In the Career Fit Program, you will develop your unique personal brand based on so that you are crystal clear about:



  • What you will enjoy spending your time doing.

  • Where you're going to fit.

  • What your needs are.

  • How to get them met in your career.

  • How to identify the jobs that you'll love.

  • How to sell your unique strengths and personal brand to land that job.

Offered online and


Plus: solidify your skills in

  • Resume writing

  • Interviewing

  • job hunting

  • online marketing strategies

  • Networking

Employed and miserable?


While many job hunters are already out of their old role when they start looking for their next one, if you aren't happy in your current role or you're under additional strain because the environment you worked in before has changed into something you don't like as much, take the time to find out where you'd fit better before you burn out or have to abandon ship suddenly. 


If you are considering leaving your current role, sign up for the Career Fit program and strategize your next career step so that you find roles you love in companies you enjoy working for from now on.


Ultimately, being under constant stress at work has major impacts on your health, your relationships and your ability to make great decisions for yourself.  So, get some knowledge and then get yourself into a better situation!

The Career Fit Program Entails:


2 one-on-one sessions (90 minutes each)

3 group sessions (60 minutes each)

Overall, 5 weeks of learning and discovery




Career Fit Group Program Deliverables:


Empirical Data:


  1. Your Birkman Method® reports, chock full of concrete, tangible insights into who you are, what makes you tick and how to leverage your unique strengths to win at the job hunt and at your new position.

  2. Clear guidance from 60+ years of behavioural workplace research about what jobs you should be applying to in order to find your right fit.



Support and Guidance:


  1. Practical and motivational support from a group of fellow job seekers.

  2. Follow-up one-on-one targeted support after the last group session.

  3. Renewed energy, confidence and focus in your job search.

  4. A job hunting plan that leverages your strengths, bolsters your stamina and keeps your motivation high throughout the entire process because an inspired and motivated job seeker is a job seeker who lands a great job.

  5. A behaviourally accurate resume, giving your next potential employer eye-grabbing insight into why they should choose you.

  6. Great questions to ask at your interviews, targeted to discover if the role you're looking to fill is one that you will enjoy and flourish in for years to come.  Plus: practice your interview skills and get feedback & support.



Career Skills for the Future World of Work:


  1. Exploration of your unique passions, skills and attributes, all of which make up the full picture of you at work, and how to find what you need from your career.  In other words, your personal brand.

  2. Unique self-management tools so that you ensure your needs are met at your new job.  When your needs are met, you are able to be at your best both at work and in your broader life. 



It is my immense pleasure to recommend Catherine Olchowy as a Birkman Consultant. I worked with Catherine at Seeker Solutions Inc. where she guided groups in team building exercises and career development (among other things) using the Birkman Method®." -Laura Turner


Catherine is a wonderfully skilled, witty and insightful Birkman Consultant... You will find her insights emerge from a deep pool of experience and are not just helpful but rather transformational." -Dave Phillip

Catherine Olchowy business HR consultant Victoria BC

Catherine Olchowy

An enthusiastic HR strategist with a wealth of experience supporting business owners and the teams they depend upon.  Bring Catherine in to get great at the people part of your business.

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