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Get more done with less drama by being strategic about the people part of your business.

Are you wasting time trying to decipher what your staff needs from you?


Are you frustrated by some of the decisions your staff makes? 


Do you wake up worrying about the people inside your business?


If these sound familiar, you are not alone!  Set up a coffee chat with Catherine today and start getting control of the people part of your business.

Reach your company's goals

Hit Your Targets

When your managers are purposefully leveraging their strengths, your teams are meshing and your employees are aligned within your company's strategically crafted culture, you WILL consistently hit your company's targets.


Knowledge is power.  Get informed about the people side of your business. 

It will be the best investment you ever make.

 Concrete Results of Working with

Boldly Reach Your Goals

DE-STRESS TODAY: When you know what you need and how to get what you need, you'll be able to access your best self (instead of your stressed out self) more often. 


WIN: When you know where your strengths lay compared to others, you can leverage your personal edge to succeed where others fail.


DEVELOP YOUR STRATEGIC CULTURE:  Get clear about your core expectations within your company so you can design the corporate culture that will get you the results you need from your staff.  Read More about Strategic HR...

COMMUNICATE BOLDLY: When you understand what other people need, you can communicate more authentically, close sales more easily and enable the people you depend on to be their own best selves more often. 


EMPOWER YOUR TEAM AND YOURSELF: Get detailed data about yourself and you'll be amazed at how awesome, composed and successful you will become.  Understand where others on your team are coming from and you will be able to move mountains together.

Read more about the Birkman Method...

Catherine Olchowy business HR consultant Victoria BC

Catherine Olchowy

An enthusiastic HR strategist with a wealth of experience supporting business owners and the teams they depend upon.  Bring Catherine in to get great at the people part of your business.

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